Comics: Why God needs a starship

by Dee. 6/23/2014
Eye of Newt #1 (Dark Horse): An imaginative wizard's apprentice daydreams his way through this first issue, reminding me of classical fairy tales and magic-based coming-of-age stories that don't involve a lightning shaped scar. Keep at least one eye on Eye of Newt, as it is a fantastic beginning to a 4-issue series. Issue 2 goes on sale July 16.

Winterworld #1 (IDW Publishing): This stark survival story will keep you cool this summer, as winter is the only thing that exists for our heroes in this wasteland. It reminds me of Jack London in a good way.

Wicked and Divine #1 (Image Comics): This is something new and incredible from the people who brought you Phonogram (Gillen McKelvie and Wilson Cowles), with an incredible design and - forgive the pun - phenomenal script. Consider what would happen if gods were treated like rock stars: criticized, examined, and revered for two years, and then the gods... disappear. I like that the interpretations of the supernatural/ mythical beings spans many cultures even in the first issue: Egyptian, Japanese and Christian icons have begun to interact and there is an incredible tension and energy to the comic. Fans of Sandman, Fables, Lucifer and Unwritten (to name a few) would appreciate the tone of the first issue, and the cliff-hanger is intriguing.

And I just have to plug Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time (IDW Publishing), because of the sheer brilliance of attacking a dinosaur with a piece of fruit. Thank you Michelangelo, you made my day. The teaser for the second issue shows our heroes in samurai o-yoroi armor. Which is always awesome when you are time-traveling.

See you, space cowboy,

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