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by Dee. 12/17/2015
Holiday greetings and good cheer to you all,

Winter holidays are almost upon us, but never fear, not all comics are relying on the Christmas special or the year in review. There are some interesting options from independent comics, as well as Marvel and DC to keep you entertained.

Batman: Europa (DC Comics) - Batman goes to Europe, following the trail of the Colossus virus, which is both a physiological virus as well as a technological one. Batman's computer system becomes locked down, and he notices himself weakening. After making commentary on European history in general and German history specifically, Batman runs in to Joker. It seems that Joker has contracted the Colossus virus as well, and that Batman might have to work with Joker and follow a convoluted trail of clues to get answers.

The art is slightly streaky and edgy looking, with thin lines, which seems to work for this story. I look forward to how this story develops.

The Totally Awesome Hulk (Marvel Comics) - The Hulk is back, and check out his hair! Actually, this is a new Hulk, Amadeus Cho, getting back-up and technical support from his sister. They still reference Bruce Banner and SHIELD, but Amadeus clearly separates his Hulk ability from "what happened to Banner". An interesting point is that the story hasn't explained how Amadeus got his powers, and how it's different from Bruce Banner. One thing that seems to set Amadeus apart is that he hits on all the ladies, super-powered or not. His only reservation about She-Hulk is "isn't she, like, forty?". This book is silly, fun, and a quick, light read.

Tokyo Ghost (Image Comics) - There's a lot to unpack with this comic: the social dynamics include a "low" class, the entertainment is exclusively reality TV, and the main storyline is more than just two lovers on a mission for one of the higher class leaders. It feels a bit like Ghost in the Shell meets Transmetropolitan, based on the artwork, themes and the environment. The main characters have amazing depth, and there are flashbacks to childhood to further illustrate their opinions about the current state of affairs.

These comics offer three very different experiences for your reading pleasure, so no matter your taste, your December can be merry and bright.

Jingling all the bells,

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