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by Dee. 1/21/2016
Hello, dear readers:

This month, we will be reviewing titles that have a few issues under their belt, so that there's more material with which to work. Sometimes, one issue just isn't enough!

Huck (Image): Huck's got a secret: he can find anything, he has extraordinary strength, and he's determined to do one good deed everyday. While the people in his town know what's going on, Huck is caught off-guard when his international good deed gets him some unwanted publicity. His neighbors, unsurprisingly, are terribly worried about Huck. His response, however, is to talk to the crowd and help as many people as he can. There seems to be some history with neighbor Mrs. Jones, who has some superpowers of her own, and a connection with a Siberian scientist. He is celebrated by Vermont's governor, while also being used for political gain, and Huck's reluctance to play politics or the fame game reflects his small-town values and his honest good nature.

This story is understated but powerful, as Huck's actions are louder than words. His origins start simply with the note "Please love him" on his basket at the orphanage, and his story is beginning to get more complex by the end of issue 3.

New Romancer (DC/Vertigo): Alexia Ryan is our code-writing heroine, intent on making an algorithm for AI to be able to connect people through an online dating site. By tinkering with some code she stole from her previous corporate employers, she is able to download the personalities of Byron and Casanova into living bodies. Upon unknowingly meeting Byron, she falls in love and he takes off with some ladies going clubbing.

Casanova is up to his own dirty deeds, and appears to be our villain. Meanwhile, there's a vignette about an extreme blind date involving the lady involved leaping off a boat to get away. At New Romancers headquarters, Lexy reveals that she's met Byron, and we learn that she's been daydreaming about Byron for the majority of her life. Byron is out at a party, where he gets extracted by Lexi's former employers. Casanova reveals his intentions to meet Byron through Lexy, and Lexy introduces Byron to everyone at New Romancers. Byron is groomed to be the blind date for the woman who had previously jumped off the boat, and sent off on the date. The issue ends with a twist, and the feeling that all of the issues will have a cliffhanger for the last panel.

Even if you are not a huge fan of Byron, English literature or historic figures like Casanova, I think there's enough here to be entertained by New Romancer. The storytelling feels choppy, as we bounce from scene to scene with little warning or build up. Hopefully the series will smooth more of the wrinkles out as it goes, so there is a better narrative flow.

All things considered, I hope I helped inform your decision to check out these comics.


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