Atomic Empire Lives!

by JJ. 10/31/2013
Change is painful. We loved the old as much as anyone (we wrote it, after all). In 2005, the white-on-gray color scheme seemed classy and modern (to us). Neon green was our favorite color. (We're not known for our great taste in aesthetics.) was a site devoted to geek-centric products, and we thought it did a pretty good job with the technology available at the time.

But we have to admit that in the eight years since, it has gotten a bit limiting. Sci-Fi Genre has grown into Atomic Empire. We have a lot more to talk about than we used to - weekly events in the store, articles on a wide range of topics, and an active community. Our website needed an update that would let us bring these new interests into the forefront and offer our customers a more complete experience, while preserving and improving on the full-featured shopping and subscription experience we had before. has been over a year in the making. It is the result of a lot of late-night discussions about priorities and usability. It takes advantage of some new technology that has helped us build a better, more extensible infrastructure. We hope you like it!

Even though we have tested this site more thoroughly than we have ever tested anything else (ever!), we're sure there are still bugs lurking around every corner. If you run into something buggy, unintuitive, or just plain dumb, please help us out by reporting it through our contact page.

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