Comics: To Infinity, and Beyond!

by Dee. 3/27/2014
Spring is finally here (after a few false starts, *shakes fists at the snow*) and here come the comics:

Blackout #1 (Dark Horse): This is clever and surreal from the beginning. It starts with a nightmare, slides exposition into conversation easily, and introduces our hero's attitude with this line: "I'll leave mystery companies and crazy robots to the super-heroes." His suit lets him travel in a parallel dimension, but he has no idea what's going on otherwise.

There is also a story titled "King Tiger" in the back of the book. This looks like it has potential, as this is the story of an Eastern inspired healer of psychic trauma. If you've read and enjoyed Mushi-shi, this looks like it has potential to be a more muscley and action-packed spiritual monster-hunter/ healer.

Suicide Squad: Amanda Waller #1 (DC Comics): This issue needs very little introduction to Suicide Squad, as this is mostly an intro to Amanda Waller the person. She's kind of what I'd expect out of a no-nonsense kick-a$$ leader: admits her faults, focuses on the present, accurately identifies talent/ assets to her team (no matter how formal or informal, as this issue shows) and keeps her cool under fire.

The script moves very quickly, but this issue was an interesting insight into her thought processes and practical sensibilities. It also shows her dislike of involving civilians in dangerous situations: "These people are innocent. I won't let them die to save you... Better us than them."

All in all, I'll be watching Amanda Waller and cheering her on.

My Little Phoney: Brony Adventure #1 (Dynamite): The first thing I want to say is that the views and opinions represented by this comic do not represent the views of AE or its staff, by any stretch of the imagination.

This is a much more adult conversation (by which I mean verbal slap-fight about a fictional TV show) and mean-spirited parody of bronys/ fans than I originally assumed.

And that's when the story took a right turn into Wtf-town (population: 4) and I started face-palming.

Conclusion: You will not expect the ending to this one-shot.

Rocky & Bullwinkle #1 (IDW Publishing): Yeah, I watched the re-runs of this show back in the day. So I was pleased to find myself hearing the voices of Boris and Natasha Badenov, and the same level of goofy-clever-wordplay with much more contemporary punchlines "If you don't get that joke, kids, try googling "seersucker suit"! Or better still, just forget the whole thing!"

Dudley Do-Right has a small section to run around in with Snidely Whiplash, followed by a running gag from 1959, in the second part of the R&B story. It follows the same familiar formats from the TV show, so this hits the right note between being self-aware and still having fun.

Survive #1 (Marvel Comics): This is one of the titles from Marvel coming out this week that I don't already recognize(All New Ghost Rider, Iron Patriot and Silver Surfer, woo hoo!). It picks up after Cataclysm, and without providing spoilers about how Cataclysm ended, I don't want to say too much. That being said, it's not exactly an epilogue. It looks more like a continuation / aftermath, and everyone (aka all the heroes) dealing with the emotional fallout.

There's such a variety of comics that came out recently, and April will bring more awesome comics shortly.

Happy reading,


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