Bull City Blood Bowl League - Spring 2517 Season
Join us for the next season of the Bull City Blood Bowl League! Blood Bowl is a miniatures/board game with a surprising amount of depth involving fantasy races playing a warped version of football. Details of the league are as follows:

Entry Fee: $5
Prizes: Gift cards, in-game gold, plus a trophy re-roll to use in future events / leagues!
Start Date: April 5th at 6:00 PM

Wednesday will be the official league night. While attendance is not required, it is highly encouraged. If two players in the same division do not manage to get their competition game completed, attendance on Wednesday will be the #1 factor the commissioner will use to determine who was at fault (and hence, who receives the loss). If neither player is found to be at fault for not completing a game, both will receive a loss.

Full League Rules can be found here.

Online registration is recommended but not required.

Registration Fee: $5.00
Registration Deadline: 4/5/2017 6:00 PM

Deadline Passed
The online registration deadline has passed, but registration may still be available at the door.


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