Player's Choice Rainbow Draft
Sunday, April 30th
We will be drafting using your choice of set of Dice Masters! Vote for Green Arrow and Flash, Justice League, or Amazing Spider-Man!!

Entry Fee: $15
Start Time: 12:00 Noon

Format: Rainbow Draft - Using 12 packs per player. After drafting, players build teams with max of 8 cards and 20 dice.
Full details about Rainbow Draft available here.

Each player must bring 2 Basic Action Cards, Basic Action Dice, and 8 Sidekick dice.

Swiss rounds. Each round is best of three with a 50 minute time limit. Players take 5 more turns when time is called.

Prizes: Prize kit TBD. Top 5 players get 1 copy of each prize card. Plus packs to the top half of the field. Participation prizes to all players.

Online registration is available but is not required.
Please ALSO register on Wizkids Info Network.

Registration Fee: $15.00
Registration Deadline: 4/30/2017 11:30 AM

Deadline Passed
The online registration deadline has passed, but registration may still be available at the door.


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