Warhammer Fantasy RPG Intro Table
Sunday, October 1st
Join us: learn to play Warhammer Fantasy RPG!

Grunwold Lodge lays in ruins. Gregor Piersson, the man responsible for the devastation, has fled to the town of Rottfort to seek aid from other chaos cult members. Rutger Stilog, the former witchhunter, pursues Piersson but he can't succeed alone. Can you help Rutger save his daughter, survive the chaos cultists’ attacks, and bring Piersson to justice?

Free to learn. Space for 4-6 players.
Play starts at Noon

Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay is a nitty-gritty, low-fantasy roleplaying system set in the Warhammer Fantasy Old World. This game provides an introduction to Warhammer FRP third edition (3e). Bring your own character or use one of the available pre-generated characters.


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