Selling Your Cards

At this time, we are only purchasing cards from customers in person at our store in Durham, North Carolina. If you'd like to sell individual cards, you can check out our buy list. Prices we're paying are listed in store credit and cash. You may choose store credit, cash, or a combination of the two when you bring your cards in. Store credit can be used on anything in our store, including concessions and event entry fees.


Have a large collection you'd like to move in bulk? Drop it off to get a blanket offer! We'll let you know how long we think an appraisal will take depending on the size of your collection.

Selling in Bulk

If the cards you'd like to sell are not currently on our buy list, that's no problem! We can still make a bulk offer on them. Drop by the store for more information.

Getting Your Cards Ready to Sell

To expedite the trade-in process, please organize your cards by set (chronologically) and then alphabetically by name. If they match the order on your trade-in cart on the website, that's the most efficient way for us to process them and get you back to gaming!


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Card Singles

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