Man of Steel: Zod T-Shirt

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No, we're not trying to sell you a shirt with QR code on it…at least not this month!! Our goal is to work with the comic specialty retailers so that you have the Man of Steel shirt designs you want and need in your store prior to the release of the movie in June. Because we are unable to show you any of the shirt designs we'll be offering until April 28th (as per our agreement with Warner Bros.), we're left with few options. The QR code on this page will bring you to a web-page that we've set-up. This page will tell you about the shirts that will be available and may even have a clock on it counting-down the days, minutes and hours until the unveil. No shirts will be pictured prior to April 28th at which time, the shirt designs will become visible for the world to see. Once you see the shirts, details will be provided regarding how you can place your order for these shirts. We will be working closely with Diamond to develop a portal, so orders can be placed through them, shirts can be produced and we can ship shirts out to Diamond as quickly as possible. Though the April 24th date falls after the traditional order 'due-by' date for Diamond, we know if all parties work in unison, we can make this work and can make this shirt program successful...without asking you to purchase shirt designs sight unseen. The Man of Steel is back on the big screen!!


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