Earth 2 HC Vol 2: Tower of Fate

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Product Code: JUN130268 UPC: 9781401243111 ISBN: 1401243118
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Written by James Robinson; illustrated by Nicola Scott, Trevor Scott, Eduardo Pansica, Yildiray Cinar, Tomas Giorello.

176 pages; hardcover; full color

In these stories from EARTH 2 #0 and 7-12 and a story from DC UNIVERSE PRESENTS #0, the World Army has begun rounding up the Super Heroes of Earth 2, but for what dark purpose? In an attempt to avoid capture, Dr. Fate and Kid Flash find themselves in the powerful magical realm of Nabu, and Wotan, the protector of Nabu, seeks Dr. Fate's assistance in obtaining a secret locked deep within a tower...


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