Amazing Spider-Man (2015) HC Vol 2

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Product Code: MAR171135 UPC: 978130290842353499 ISBN: 1302908421
Product Description:
Written by Dan Slott and Christos Gage; illustrated by various artists

232 pages; hard cover; full color

Going global means a whole world of problems for the wall-crawler! Regent, one of the most dangerous threats from SECRET WARS' Battleworld, makes his power play in the Marvel Universe! And it'll take Spider-Man, Iron Man, Miles Morales and the rest of the Avengers to have any hope of stopping him! But could it be that the key to foiling Regent's plans is a certain redheaded mutual acquaintance of Peter Parker and Tony Stark? Then, after an accident at Parker Industries, how far will Peter go to save his employees - both as CEO and as Spidey? And as a conspiracy begins to unfold, which classic characters will find themselves Dead No More? Collecting AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2015) #12-19, and material from FREE COMIC BOOK DAY 2016 (CAPTAIN AMERICA) #1 and AMAZING SPIDER-MAN (2015) #1.


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